Entryway or Foyer Catchall for Keys, Coins, Jewelry, and More - Floral Hand Painted Bowl

Claudine Intner

Where should you put your keys or coins? How about in this adorable hand painted bowl. The green bowl is whimsical, fun, and completely practical! Place in the entryway or foyer or even on your bedroom dresser.

This upcycled wood bowl started as a salad bowl, but some acrylic paint transformed it into a green bowl with yellow flower on the outside. BOWL DETAILS
- 6 1/2 inches wide
- 1 3/4 inches tall
- wood bowl
- handpainted with acrylic paints
- gloss varnish

Please note that my hand painted wooden items are great for holding a wide variety of every day items but are not appropriate for use with food.


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